We are pleased to present the Class of 1971 50 Year Reunion Digital Memory Book! It is our hope that you enjoy reliving the Reunion, it sure was fun for us! Please be SURE to Bookmark this link so that you can access the Memory Book any time you’d like. We are diligently working on being able to offer print photos (at a cost) of any photo that was taken at the Reunion including the headshot and  group photos, we will get that information out to you as soon as possible so stay tuned!
One important note, if you sent us a current headshot but you are not featured in the Biography section of the Memory Book, that is because you never filled in your Biography. You will need to contact us at easthighclassof1971@gmail.com and we will see if we can get that in for you. The Memory Book was sent (via) email to every person that we have a current email address for.
We hope you enjoy the memories!!

50 Year Reunion  image