ADAMS (Edwards)KarenPassed away August 27, 2020 after a battle with cancer
ALLENMichael E. "Mike"Passed away April 27, 2016 due to injuries in a motorcycle accident
ALLENSterling "Dale"Passed away unexpectedly October 13, 2013 due to a massive heart attack
ANELONHenryNo Information
ARDUSER (Bates)BeverlyPassed away October 15, 2018 in her home
AUSTStephen H.Passed away July 26, 2012 at his home in Wasilla
AYRESDennisNo information
BARTELS (Miller)PamelaPassed away August 3. 1990. Complications from MS
BASKI (Sherbahn)DianePassed away July 26, 1999 from a stroke
BELENSKIWilliam A.Passed away February 17, 2020 unknown cause
BINNSWandaPassed away January 9, 1985 from gun shot
BLACKWELL (Brown)ShariPassed away January 17, 2023
BOUCHERBeckyDate unknown, passed away in Kodiak
BOWEN (Richey)Evelyn "Evie"Passed away July 15,2005 reason unknown
BRITT (Wilcox)SharonPassed away unexpectedly September 13, 2015 in Anchorage
BROWNBobPassed away May 7, 1975 in Tacoma, WA
BROYLESStanley "Stan"Passed away June 29, 2019 in Kenai, reason unknown
BUCKALEWRobert J.Passed away July 31, 2007 reason unknown
BURTONBobby G.Passed away February 24, 2016 in Oceanside, Oregon - Bobby had battled cancer for 8 years
BUTCHTommyPassed away December 29, 2005 no reason given
CASHCharles "Phil"Passed away April 26, 2014 from a massive heart attack
CAUDILLRoger A.Passed away April 13, 2006 after a 7 month battle with leukemia
CEDROSTheodor "Ted"Passed away unexpectedly April 16, 2015 at home
CHANDLERCarol S.Passed away April 14, 2011 after suffering an aneurism
CHESTNUT (Dusseman)DebraPassed away December 3, 2014 in Fairbanks, Debbie battled pancreatic cancer
COOLFrankPassed away May 26, 1993 from industrial accident in Kenai
COUTUREJeffrey A.Passed away September 13, 2004 at his home in Soldotna
DICKEYCharles H.Passed away March 18, 1984 in a single car roll over accident while responding to a domestic violence report
DICKEYTheresaPassed away suddenly January 14, 1996
DEARY (Breautigem)Christine F.Passed away in 1993 reason unknown
DOUGLASRichard L.Passed away January 31, 2022 reason unknown
EPPSDanielPassed away in a car accident November 1972 in Corvallis-Bend, Oregon
EUSTICEAllenReceived information he had passed away but cannot verify
FORDKenneth D.Passed away Feb 1, 2023 at his home
GLATT (Weist)MariePassed away in her sleep November 1, 2020 - had been battling cancer
GOODRICHHarold E.Passed away July 21, 1995 due to complications from diabetes
GRAVESWilliiam L.  "Bill"Passed away in 1984- was working on his truck when the lift failed and the truck fell on him
GRINDERGeorge "Hank"Passed away January 16, 2013 at home, he had health struggles
HARTZBERGKent I.Passed away July 26 2003 due to complications from diabetes
HINSON (Shaw)KarelPassed away July 19, 2011 passed peacefully in her sleep at her home in Peoria, Arizona
HUNTBrettPassed away unexpectedly March 29, 2016 at his home in Anchorage
JANUSIEWICZMattPassed away March 13, 2011 at his friends home surrounded by family 
JONESHerman W.Passed away October 8, 2001 from congestive heart failure and diabetes
JORDAN (Collins)Rachel "Kathy"Passed away April 20, 2011 due to complications from diabetes
JOYCharlenePassed away May 20,  2007, reason unknown
KALE (Hill)Susan R.Passed away February 25, 1999 from heart failure
KANE (Petersen)DebraPassed away unexpectedly February 24, 2019 from heart failure
KELLEYDavid W.Passed away October 15, 2006 due to complications from diabetes
KINSEYRoy L.Passed away in June 1986 reason unknown
KOUTCHAKJamesPassed away in February 1982 reason unknown
KYLERAnnette L. "Anne"Passed away August 4, 2007 after a brief illness
LANDACREDavid N.Passed away April 13, 2021 reason unknown
LEISERDouglas M.Passed away August 2, 2010 from a heart attack while fishing at Seward Salmon Derby
LEVANHenryPassed away April 17, 2012 in Palmer, Alaska reason unknown
LISTONRick R.Passed away May 1987 in a commercial fishing accident
MC GHEEJames E. "Jim"Passed away August 19, 2021 due to complications from Covid-19 in Plano, Texas
MC NABBJames W. "Bo"Passed away April 2003 dues to complications from diabetes
MADDEFORD (Faysaur)EileenDate and reason unknown
MAZEMarvinPassed away January 16, 2021 after a two year battle with cancer
MILLERDavid S.Passed away April 2, 1986 in New Mexico, David was in the U.S. Air Force
MITCHELLKenneth D.Passed away January 5, 2009 reason unknown
MOEGregory J. "Greg"Passed away December 14, 2018 at home in Boise, Idaho
MONTEMBAULTJames MPassed away May 3, 1994 at home
MONTGOMERYDianePassed away July 16, 1978, reason unknown
MOREHOUSEJeffrey A.Information unknown
MORRISGaryPassed away February 27, 2020
NEWTONDenise A.Date and reason unknown
OLIGERCharles J.Passed away September 3, 2009 of natural causes at his residence in Girdwood, Alaska
OLIGERSusan M.Passed away in January 1983 in a train accident
OWENSBetty JanePassed away January 1994, reason unknown
PARRAMOREHulonPassed away July 10, 2007 in Woodstock, GA - reason unknown
RAMONESCarmelloPassed away in December 2016, reason unknown
RHYNER (Chernikoff)Melody A.Passed away in 2011 in her sleep
RHYNER (Kenyon)LezleyPassed away January 28, 2023
RUSNAKStephen H.Passed away January 27, 1978 in an industrial accident at Camp Lonely
SENUNGETUK (Hill)GracePassed away February 3, 2017, reason unknown
SMITH (Ledbetter)Rebecca "Becky"Passed away November 9, 2004 from a brain tumor
SOCKPEALUK (Perry)TheresaPassed away July 26, 2015 reason unknown
SWANSONLarry A.Passed away from gunshot wound, date unknown
TARPENNING (Timbers)RoseannPassed away May 12, 2013 reason unknown
VEATCHJame A. "Jim"Passed away July 16, 2016 reason unknown
VIALMark L.Passed away June 28, 2022 from throat cancer
WEAVERMarkPassed away December 12, 2007 after a fierce battle with cancer
WELTINKent Passed away July 14, 2009 from natural causes
WENDTRichard B.Passed away in January 1982 from injuries in a car accident
WILLIS (Kane)Connie L.Passed away January 14, 2008 at her home in Anchorage
WILSONJames W.Passed away in 1994 from a brain tumor
WOODRING (Weisensel)Carol AnnPassed away July 2, 2022 from an extended illness with ALS
ZIEGERGaryPassed away in 1973 from gunshot wound